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FCX Celebrates Keith Whiteman’s 35th Anniversary

On April 27th, Keith Whiteman’s 35th anniversary with FCX was recognized and celebrated. Keith was hired as the first employee at FCX while working with the organization’s five co-founders. He started as a CAD System Manager and has served in several positions at FCX. More specifically, Keith has successfully taken on the former roles of […]


Christine Murphy has been named president of FCX Systems where she has worked for twelve years. She joined the company in 2010 as a controller, was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in November 2014 and named Chief Operating Officer in 2021. She is the third president of FCX Systems and the first woman to be […]

FCX Systems Ships 270 Volt DC Ground Power Units to the Netherlands

On October 29, 2021, FCX Systems shipped twenty (20) 270 VDC ground power units from our facility to Volkel Air Base in the Netherlands in support of the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s deployment of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet program. As a partner country with the United States, the Netherlands now include the F-35 […]

Jeff Key Marks 30 Years of Service to FCX

Craig Walker (left), FCX President and CEO, presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Jeff Key (right). Jeff Key recently marked 30 years of service with FCX Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of frequency converters based in Morgantown. The company held a luncheon in honor of Key’s milestone on July 22. In recognition of his dedicated […]

In Memoriam: Matt Howell

The ownership and management of FCX Systems, Inc. are saddened to announce the death on Tuesday, June 15, of Mathew T. Howell, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing for FCX Systems, Inc., the manufacturing company he co-founded in 1987. “On behalf of FCX, I would like to express our appreciation for the immeasurable contributions Matt has […]

RIP Brigadier General Charles “Chuck” Yeager

Recognized as the greatest pilot of all time, West Virginia’s own Chuck Yeager passed away earlier this week at the age of 97. He was best known for having been the first man to break the sound barrier on October 14, 1947 in the Bell X-1 rocket plane flying over Edwards Air Force Base. However, he also […]

FCX Employee of the Month – July 2018

Mike Tennant The July Employee of the month has continually done an outstanding job for FCX, particularly, over the past several months. In his primary role, he is solely responsible for arranging the most economic and efficient manner for our equipment to be shipped to the customer’s project site. The Australia order was especially challenging […]

FCX Employee of the Month – June 2018

Kathi Wilson This person is a long time , always dependable , employee of FCX Systems who quietly just does their job every day and does it very well. FCX’s June employee of the month works behind the scenes to help produce the nerve center of our equipment. This person has put their pride into […]

FCX Employee of the Month – March 2018

Tim Towns You will often find this employee helping others and that is what this person does best. This employee of the month is known for their ability to work through problems, all the while teaching others , and still getting the job done. This person has been with FCX for over a decade now […]

FCX Awarded United States Coast Guard Contract

FCX Systems was recently awarded a Multi-Year Deliveries and Performance Contract to supply a unique 400-hertz solid-state frequency converter for shipboard installation in USCG Cutters located on the West Coast, Gulf Coast, and East Coast. We are consistently evolving to provide innovating solutions to our clients. Semper Paratus to all our “Coasties”. We are “Always […]

Ground Power Supply Contract For Royal Australian Air Force

FCX Systems–the world’s leading manufacturer of solid-state frequency converters and ground power support (GSE)–has been awarded the contract to supply 54 270 VDC precision ground power units for the Royal Australian Air Force’s main F-35 base at RAAF Williamtown for the New Air Combat Capability project. The units will be manufactured in Morgantown, W.Va. at […]

FCX Systems Celebrates 31 Years

On Thursday, February 8, FCX Systems in Morgantown, WV–the world’s leading manufacturer of solid-state frequency converters, ground power support (GSE) and custom power conversion solutions–celebrated 31 years in business. Since the anniversary date fell on a weekend–Saturday, February 10–FCX hosted a celebration luncheon at their headquarters with the entire FCX team. During the luncheon, FCX […]

FCX Employee of the Month – December 2017

Rick West “Leading by Example” is a characteristic that defines a successful leader and his or her ability to get results accomplished in a positive and timely manner. When FCX Senior Management was looking for someone to lead our QC Department, they not only felt they needed an individual who could bring a fresh and […]


On Friday, November 10, FCX Systems in Morgantown, WV–the world’s leading manufacturer of solid-state frequency converters, ground power support (GSE) and custom power conversion solutions–hosted a Veteran’s Day breakfast to honor the men and women who have served and are currently serving. Within the FCX team, there are seven total employees who are veterans. These […]


 This past October, FCX Systems in Morgantown, WV–the world’s leading manufacturer of solid-state frequency converters, ground power support (GSE) and custom power conversion solutions–held their 3rd Annual Oktoberfest for all of their employees and their families. The Oktoberfest event took place on October 21 at the FCX Systems office and welcomed a total of 110 […]

FCX Employee of the Month – November 2017

Roger Glaspell Project managing, answering questions from sales, communicating with production, testing, and purchasing, and providing drawings, BOM’s, and manuals for multiple jobs. All of these tasks often have to be completed in a very short period of time with the ability to change priorities at the drop of a hat at the request of […]

FCX Employee of the Month – September 2017

Brian Maxwell The selfless dedication and sacrifice of this person is second to none. His consistent strong work ethic and technical skill is not only noticed but is appreciated by our customers. Although there are MANY people deserving this month of this award, the past 45 days have been particularly challenging for this person and […]

FCX Employee of the Month – August 2017

Rob Clark Managing, answering numerous questions, scheduling, communicating, coordinating with sales, engineering, purchasing, testing, shipping, accounting, and HR; and part time psychologist. These are just some of the tasks that this individual performs on a daily basis. Yet in scenarios that sometimes resemble chaos with last minute customer requests, schedule flip flopping, parts delays, and […]

FCX Employee of the Month – June 2017

Tom Victor When hiring for the position that our June employee of the month is in, Senior Management had several discussions as to what kind of characteristics we wanted and needed the individual to have in the position. In all of our discussions, we always came back to we need an individual who is a […]

FCX Employee of the Month – April 2017

Jason Dingeldein Usually the talk leading up to the announcement of the Employee of the Month Award provides a guessing game of who is being discussed. This time it’s too easy to guess so we will toss out some distractions. Whether it is hot or cold, in the room… It’s room temperature. (good food for […]

FCX Employee of the Month – March 2017

Tiffany Albright This person is very deserving of this award for her hard work and dedication among other things. She has taken on several tasks that were not in her original scope of work. She has done a fantastic job in picking up our systems, mostly teaching herself to navigate those systems. She volunteered to […]

FCX Employee of the Month – February 2017

Mark Mayfield If you are looking for this individual on the production floor you may not see him upon first glance. He is usually hidden inside of a unit hard at work doing his job. He has a great deal of pride in his work and has become very knowledgeable with the mechanical build up […]

FCX Employee of the Month – January 2017

When you are faced with a heavy workload to be accomplished without all of your resources and with a very tight deadline, you need a great team to finish with success. We all know that we have a great team at FCX and every part of our team is important. But, to achieve success, you […]

FCX Continues to Expand Worldwide

Since 1987, FCX units have been installed on every continent and in more than 75 countries. Below you will find our most recent solutions, helping meet our clients’ requirements worldwide. NORTH AMERICA 23 Gates at DFW’s Lower B Gates NAS North Island / Naval Base Coronado multi-building 400 Hz unit replacement project Luke Air Force […]

FCX Employee of the Month – December 2016

Marietta Meck When you see Marietta on the production floor you will find her hard at work inside a unit . She is always very quiet and calm and very conscientious about her work. She just goes about her job in a very professional manner. Marietta has an impeccable work ethic and the quality of […]

FCX Employee of the Month – November 2016

Michael Knoble Once a month we have been presenting an employee of the month award. Ideally there would be one shining star and the selection would be easy. However we are a team made up of many members. All of you are important, perhaps I should say critical to the survival of this company. Look […]

FCX Employee of the Month – October 2016

Jane Baker If you ever need assistance on how to do something, this individual is the person that everyone counts on to resolve the problem and get the job done. This individual is the go-to person for all facets of FCX. This individual knows the system inside and out – from creating bills of materials, […]

FCX Employee of the Month – September 2016

Charlie Showalter There are some folk here who are more of a pillar of FCX than just employees. Of course this is what this award is all about. People with focus, integrity, drive for solutions, regardless of the current hat being worn, are folk we depend on to be banner bearers for FCX. Although there […]

FCX Systems Granted Gold Composite Rating From Boeing

FCX Systems was acknowledged with a “Gold” Composite Rating from Boeing in its most recent Supplier Performance Report. The “Gold” Composite Rating is Boeing’s highest distinction and can only be achieved by earning “Gold” status in both “Quality” and “Delivery” performance metrics. To earn this distinction, FCX Systems performed at 100% quality and on-time delivery […]

Congratulations to Jeff Key on his 25th Anniversary

On August 2, 2016, FCX Systems hosted a luncheon for Jeff Key, recognizing his 25th anniversary with the company. Jeff received a certificate, anniversary gift and a reserved parking space with sign. Jeff started his employment with FCX on July 22, 1991 and has continued to contribute to FCX’s success. We extend our best wishes […]

FCX Employee of the Month – August, 2016

Dewight Jackson What makes someone a candidate for FCX’s Employee of the Month? If you look at the past recipients, you find: individuals that excel at dealing with our customers and serve as great ambassadors; individuals that take that extra level of pride and workmanship in their work every day; individuals that have consistently performed […]

What Does No Break Power Transfer (NBPT) Mean?

Several specifications and brochures concerning 400 HZ Ground Power Units (GPU) mention protection for No Break Power Transfer (NBPT). Few explain why it is included or what this requirement actually means. Originally when power was switched from internal aircraft sources to an external source, the internal source connection was broken, before the external connection was […]

FCX Employee of the Month – July, 2016

Brian Maxwell The recipient of the FCX Employee of the Month is a 10 year employee who consistently goes the extra step to ensure our customers receive the highest satisfaction possible from their purchase of our equipment. The attention to detail and accuracy provide confidence that the job was done correctly. When things are slow, […]

FCX Employee of the Month – June, 2016

Rob Saunders When you walk across the production floor you will find Rob hard at work inside a unit normally. He is always very quiet and calm and very conscientious about his work. Rob has an impeccable work ethic and the quality of his work is always of the highest standard . Even though Rob […]


MORGANTOWN, W.Va., May 16, 2016 – U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker today presented FCX Systems, Inc. with the President’s “E” Star Award for Exports at a ceremony in Washington, DC. The President’s “E” Award is the highest recognition any U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. […]

Benefits of 270 VDC in the Aviation Industry

In an earlier blog I explained why aircraft and most military equipment was powered by 400 Hz (cycle) power. This included the statement that this standard was worldwide. Wherever you fly there will be a 400 Hz power source available with a standard plug that fits your aircraft. Well almost. There are a few exceptions. […]

FCX Employee of the Month – May 2016

Kathy Riffle Knowledgeable. Accommodating. Talented. Honest. Youthful. Resourceful. Intelligent. Fair. Friendly. Logical. Efficient. When all of these traits are added together into one person, the result is an outstanding employee. Any individual possessing all of these traits would be a tremendous asset to any business. When you couple these traits with longevity and loyalty, you […]

FCX Employee of the Month – April 2016

Warren Youger Although this individual has not been with FCX for a long period of time, he has – in a relatively short period – made and continues to make substantial contributions to the ongoing success of our Company.  From his first day to today, his work ethic and attention to detail has been consistently […]

FCX Employee of the Month – March 2016

Greta Swanson When on the production floor you will most likely find this individual working on a control harness somewhere in a unit because that is the specialty of this individual here at FCX. Not that Greta isn’t very capable in other areas of production but control wiring is her passion. Greta is all about […]


MORGANTOWN, W.Va., Feb. 26, 2016 – On Feb. 10, FCX Systems celebrated 29 years in business with a luncheon that also recognized 15 employees for their significant career commitment to the manufacturing firm. Two of the employees, Keith Whiteman, who works in the FCX testing department, and John Samsell, an employee in the FCX engineering […]

The Value of Customer Service

February 10, 2016 As I was catching up on email this morning, I was realized something odd. Several of my client emails contained questions of which had nothing to do with equipment that had been purchased. They needed helped and I could provide the answers. There was no warranty verification, no service subscription requirement and […]

FCX Employee of the Month – February 2016

Kenny Lantz It is with great pleasure we announce that Employee of the Month for February 2016 be awarded to Kenny Lantz. Kenny’s knowledge of our products, technical ability, great attitude and great work ethic are recognized and appreciated not only by other FCX employee’s but by customers as well. Several customers have taken it […]

US Navy to name ship after Hershel “Woody” Williams

On January 14th, 2016, in a ceremony in Charleston, West Virginia, Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy, announced that the newest expeditionary sea base (ESB) ship T-ESB 4 would be named the USNS Hershel “Woody” Williams. Born in Fairmont, West Virginia, Mr. Williams joined the U.S. Marine Corps following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Initially, […]

FCX Employee of the Month – January 2016

Jeff Jessen Production Assembly / Wiring If you come across Jeff on the production floor he is always hard at work. If you say hi to him he will acknowledge you with a pleasant greeting but that this usually the end of the conversation for he must return to his work. Jeff is about efficiency […]

FCX Employee of the Month – December 2015

Stefanie McMillen Finance From the time that Stefanie steps foot into our building until it’s time to leave, one descriptive constant for her is –BUSY! You can tell this just from looking at her desk. From receiving daily phone calls from persistent vendors, receiving and entering stacks of invoices, dealing with credit card issues, issuing/mailing […]


FCX Systems, in partnership with Ameribridge, is proud to receive the award for installation of combination 90 kva solid state 400 hertz frequency converters at Port of Columbus International Airport, Ohio.


Wendy Ross Inventory Hard-working. Unassuming. Quiet. Kind. Helpful. Cooperative. Meticulous. All of these words and more describe our November Employee of the Month – Wendy Ross. From the time Wendy comes in our door every morning until she goes out our door every evening, Wendy never stops working – just like that EverReady battery bunny. […]

FCX Employee of the Month – October 2015

Virgil Pase Customer Service If you have ever had a need for information on an FCX product whether it be for technical information, installation, troubleshooting, parts, service, warranty coverage, or just today’s temperature, you have spoken with Virgil. If you never needed any of these things, you may not know Virgil. Virgil has been with […]

The Value of Fault Codes

Every once in a while, something goes wrong. Many things, like a flat tire, are easy to diagnose. “Sounded like BANG Whomp, Whomp, Whomp. Looks like a flat tire, must be a flat tire. “ Other things are more complex. Let’s stick with tires for the moment. Newer vehicles come with pressure sensors in the […]

What is the difference between Analog and Digital?

An old, retired machinist went back to his former place of work many years later to take a tour of the plant. The tour guide had each participant give a brief introduction and was delighted to learn the old man was a former employee. The guide took great pride in showing the new state-of-the-art computer-driven […]

What Are The Benefits Of A Simple Inverter Model?

Last time, I presented an example of a simple 3-phase inverter. An analogy was made to a 3-cylinder engine. (One cylinder per phase) Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), each phase can appear to be more than the simple on/off which was shown in the timing chart. By switching on and off very quickly, a series […]

What Is A 3-Phase Inverter?

Many times I’m asked to explain a technical statement to a person who is either non-technical or from a different branch of technology. One such question stemmed from a general comment regarding inverter sizing. The inverter is the group of switching devices that convert DC into AC. In the next two figures, DC on the […]

What Is A Power Inverter?

In discussions on solid-state frequency converters, mention was made of an inverter used to create the 400 Hz output frequency. Here, we will describe in layman’s terms how an inverter works. First, we begin with a direct current (DC) source of power. This can be a battery or the output of an AC to DC […]

Benefits of Solid-State Frequency Converters

Last time, we discussed why the utilities supply 50 or 60 cycle (Hz) power and the aviation industry operates on 400 Hz power. Obviously, the two systems are not compatible. 400 Hz is 6-2/3 times faster than 60 Hz and 8 times faster than 50 Hz. The speed of motors (and clocks) would be multiplied […]

Why the Aviation Industry Operates on 400 Hz Power

The idea of making electricity useful for commercial lighting and motors initiated an argument. One side wanted direct current (DC). One wire will always be positive (+) and the other wire is always negative (-). The other side supported alternating current (AC). In this system, the voltage is constantly moving between positive and negative. The […]


Supplying 400 Hz Ground Power to the World’s Largest Marine Corps Facility Recently, FCX commissioned 16 solid-state frequency converters in the U.S. Marine Corps’ newest MV-22 Osprey Hangar located at MCAS New River in North Carolina. The Haskell Company, who FCX worked with on this project from start to finish, was the general contractor. It […]

Grand Bahama Shipyard

In 2008, a large floating dry dock – containing motor loads for cranes, capstans, ballast pumps and fire pumps – was transported to the Grand Bahama Shipyard. The dry dock required 50 Hz power, while the Bahamas utilizes 60 Hz power.

To supply the 50 Hz power needed for the dry dock, two 1000 KVA Caterpillar diesel generators were required. A solid-state frequency converter running off the utility solved this problem.

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