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Aircraft frequency converters, ground power support and pre-conditioned air units for the commercial aviation industry.

A worldwide reputation for excellence in supporting the following commercial customers: Airlines, Airport Authorities, Aircraft Operators, Aircraft Service Centers, General Contractors, Engineers, Passenger Boarding Bridge Manufacturers, Regional.

Over the years, we’ve earned our reputation for excellence in frequency converters and ground power unit manufacturing for aviation through the commitment and professionalism that results in the highest quality products. From the milestone design of the first solid-state 400 Hz converter for the commercial aviation market, to the design and manufacture of the 180 KVA unity power factor frequency converter for the Boeing 787 (and equivalent class) aircraft; whenever the situation demands an innovative solution, FCX Systems leads the way.

But excellence means more to us than just the best Solid-state frequency conversion solution. When we put our technology to work, our goals also include an emphasis on ensuring immediate response to questions or concerns and delivering the product within budget and on schedule.

commercial aviation Products we offer


Line Drop Compensators / Gate Box

The FCX Line Drop Compensator (LDC) is designed to cancel out the inductive voltage drop in 400Hz transmission lines. Voltage drop in the cables carrying 400 Hz power is much greater than if the same cable were carrying 60 Hz power. Left uncorrected, the aircraft may reject the power feed due to low voltage. The LDC is connected in series with the cable run to the 400Hz Service Point and improves voltage by cancelling out the voltage drop due to 400Hz AC reactance of the cable. The LDCs are available in ratings with up to 20% compensation capability.
  • Ratings Available - 15 KVA through 180 KVA
  • Efficiency - approximately 99%
  • NEMA 3R equivalent enclosure
  • Over boosting protection
  • DC power supplies for electronics and alarm
  • Switch gear interlocking capabilities
  • Cabinet grounding connection for bonding
  • Conformal coated circuit boards
  • Stackable
60kva-180kva Gates boxes with LDC. LDC's of various sizes for all applications

270 VDC Power Converters

The performance of FCX Systems 270 VDC Power is flight line and production line proven - we are 270 VDC from the ground up. Installation sites include main production and test sites, such as: Lockheed Martin F-35 Assembly in Fort Worth TX, Navy F-35 T&E NAS Patuxent River MD, and JSF ITF Facility at Edwards AFB CA. FCX Systems precision 270 VDC equipment is the preferred and best power of choice for all 270 VDC applications.

  • Most experienced designer, manufacturer, and supporter of 270 VDC ground power systems.
  • FCX offers 270 VDC for every application, and can meet the high dynamic response required by the F-35 and F-22.
  • Monitor and protect your aircraft and other sensitive loads from transients and abnormal power conditions.
  • FCX 270 VDC power delivers precise regulation, rapid response and recovery - built to perform, and to last.
  • "It was a pleasure testing a product that easily met or exceeded all requirements and expectations." - Lockheed Martin F-22 Ground Power Qualification Test Manager.
We offer a wide variety of unit ratings and configurations - standard and custom. Please contact us anytime at with your requirements.

Central Power System

FCX Systems Inc., a worldwide leader in solid-state 400Hz technology since 1987, continues to provide customers with state-of-the-art technology to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. FCX Engineers have designed an economical, compact 312KVA solid-state frequency converter intended for direct genset replacement or which might be utilized in compact settings. This high performance unit is indoor rated, constructed to operate under the most extreme situations. The unit requires minimal space while offering easy front and rear access to the unit for simple servicing. FCX has achieved high performance and increased reliability by using laminated bus integrated inverter modules. The performance characteristics are enhanced by micro-processor controllers with field programmable logic. This advanced design has long made the FCX converter the top converter in the world.
  • Higher efficiency than rotating converters
  • True RMS Design for precise voltage control of non-linear loads.
  • Integrated IGBT driver/power modules providing the most compact and reliable inverter design
  • Easy access for servicing
  • Built-in Line Drop Compensation
  • User-friendly controls
  • RS485 is standard communication interface
  • RS232 is optional upon request
  • 300% overload capacity (optional)
  • Clean, reliable power
60kva-312kva and above Central systems for all aircraft needs

50 Hz and 60 Hz Frequency Converters

50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Laminated bus design eliminates transient voltage surges for high performance and increased reliability
  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) inverters controlled by drivers specifically designed to monitor the health and protect the transistors
  • Built-in failsafe modular system design ensures continuous operational dependability
  • Unique microprocessor controller guarantees long lasting performance under all conditions
Existing systems from 5kva-2000kva for various applications

60 - 180 KVA Horizontal

The FCXtreme Series provides reliable solid-state converters that are designed to provide aircraft ground power in "low profile" applications such as under passenger boarding bridges, in maintenance hangars, or on flight lines.
  • Individual phase regulation, improved efficiency, and lower input current distortion
  • Innovative, adaptive wave optimization and voltage stabilization
  • Laminated bus design eliminates transient voltage surges for high performance and increased reliability
  • Lightweight powder-coated steel enclosure with sealed electronics compartment superior to typical aluminum enclosures to reduce RF emissions.
  • Full-featured user interface with detailed troubleshooting
    menus added to the advanced diagnostic and logging system
60kva /60kw continuous, 90kva / 90kw continuous, 180kva / 180kw continuous

45 KVA 400Hz Frequency Converter with 28VDC Option

The FCXtreme Series X45 400Hz solid state frequency converter provides FCX Systems' rugged and reliable performance in a rating ideally suited for point of use applications. It's small footprint and low profile allows for easy integration into the hangar, flight line, or other environment. An optional 28VDC output with 200A rating offers enhanced capability to meet your power needs.
  • RS232/485 communications interface, with optional RJ45 Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection capability.
  • True RMS Design for precision voltage control of non-linear loads
  • Integrated IGBT driver/power modules providing the most compact and reliable inverter design
  • Laminated bus design reduces internal transients
  • Detailed and user-friendly troubleshooting menus in addition to advanced diagnostic and logging system
  • Software options & upgrades
480VRMS +/- 10%, 60Hz, 3 phase 380VRMS +/- 10%, 50Hz, 3 phase 208 VRMS +/- 10%, 60Hz, 3 phase Other voltages available

28 VDC thru 600 FLA

FCX solid-state power supplies provide regulated 28.5VDC power with minimal noise. The power supplies are equipped with an adjustable current limiting feature for engine starting. Each model is designed with high power SCR modules to allow for precise control of the output voltage. The units also have soft start to allow the power supply to ramp to nominal output voltage. Power supplies are built in a mobile NEMA 3R equivalent enclosure for easy installation for interior and exterior environments.
  • Output voltage adjustment (via keypad)
  • Output line drop compensation adjustment (via keypad)
  • Input circuit breaker with door interlocks
  • 2 line LED display
  • Status indicators for: Power Available, Supply On, Summary Fault, Output Voltage and Current
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC to 50ºC
  • Current limiting option available
  • Weight 650 pounds (295 kg)
  • Controls: Start, Stop/Restart, Output On, Output Off
  • Active DC Energy Management System
  • Compact design
  • Superior voltage regulation
  • Line drop compensation
  • Simple operator controls
  • User friendly
208, 220, 380, 415, 480

60-180 KVA Diesel 400 Hz GPU

FCX Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures 60-180KVA diesel generated 400HZ ground power units built for rugged demand, high performance and ease of operation. The performance and flexibility of this design is unparalleled.

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