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Diesel Ground Power | 60-180 KVA Diesel 400 Hz GPU

FCX Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures 60-180KVA diesel generated 400HZ ground power units built for rugged demand, high performance and ease of operation. The performance and flexibility of this design is unparalleled.

    Cummins QSB 3.3, 90 HP, Tier III diesel at 2000RPM Other engine manufacturers available.
    Electronic controlled, turbo charged, after cooled
    Low fuel shutoff
    Low oil pressure shutoff
    High water temperature shutoff
    Speed limiting protection
    12 VDC battery system
    8 + operating hours fuel tank

    Rating: 60 KVA, 3 phase, 4 wire, 115/200 VAC continuous
    Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-704F electrical power quality requirements

    Meet MIL-STD-704F
    Overvoltage: 118 volts L – N, within .1 seconds
    Undervoltage: 108 volts L – N within .1 seconds
    Overfrequency: 420 Hz in 1 second
    Underfrequency: 380 Hz in 1 second

    Operating temperatures: -25°F to +125°F
    Relative humidity 0 – 100% noncondensing

    Length: 94 in. with the tow bar up
    Width: 70 in.
    Height: 63 in. to the roof of the unit
    Weight: 2700 lbs. without fuel

    Transient Voltage recovery time within +/- 1% in 100 milliseconds
    Within +/- 20% deviation upon application/removal of 100% load rating
    Modulation: does not exceed 0.5% of steady state voltage

    Aluminum panels
    Powder coated with an automotive finish with resistance to corrosive liquids
    Standard color is arctic white. Custom colors are free with a paint chip, swatch or identification number

    Fuel/water separator
    Low fuel shut off
    Blue beacon low fuel light
    Running lights
    Anti-restart ignition

    125% rated load for 5 minutes
    150% rated load for 1 minute
    Each Output: 275 amps for 5 minutes

    Regulation: +/- 1% steady state
    Transient recovery: to within +/- 5HZ in < 2 seconds
    Modulation: 0.25% (1Hz)

    4 wheel: 6:00 × 9 tires
    5th wheel steering
    Towbar activated drum type brakes
    Towbar stop 3 in. from ground to prevent toe injuries

    Attached fire extinguisher
    Crankcase heaters
    Stainless steel fuel tank
    Forklift pockets

    Voltage Regulation: +/- 1% no load to full load
    Voltage adjust: +/- 15 volts
    Individual harmonic content (< 2 %)
    Line drop compensations: automatic up to 5%

    Engine: voltmeter, oil pressure, coolant temperature, RPM, fuel level, hour meter
    Generator: LED meters consisting of voltmeter, frequency meter and amp meter
    Low fuel warning and shutdown, contactor on, over/under voltage, over/under frequency



FCX INC. : U.S. Coast Guard 400 HZ Power Supply - Custom Enclosure

FCX INC. : U.S. Navy, NAS Oceana, VA 400 HZ Central System Converters

FCX INC. : U. S. Navy / 270 Volt DC Aircraft Power

FCX INC. : U. S. Navy , NAS, Patuxent River 400HZ Central System Converters

FCX INC. : Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Motor Generator Sets

FCX INC. : Edwards Airforce Base / F-22 Raptor 270 VDC Power Supply

FCX INC. : Grand Bahamas Shipyard 50 HZ, 2,000 KVA Solid-State Frequency Converter

FCX Systems Makes An International Footprint


Replacing Diesel Generators for the Patriot Missile System. Patriot Missiles, the defensive anti-missile system designed by Raytheon, are installed around the world to protect cities subject to missile attack. While utility power around the word is either 50 Hz or 60 Hz, the Patriot system incorporates several elements that require reliable 400 Hz power. Therefore, […]


Engineering Complex Power Supply for F-22 Test Program In the early 2000s, the engineering staff from Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) distributed an inquiry regarding a power supply for a 270 VDC military aircraft. FCX did not initially respond to the inquiry, however no viable solutions were presented by the 11 companies that did respond. […]


Powering F-35s Aboard Aircraft Carriers Anticipating the deployment of F-35 airplanes aboard aircraft carriers, the U.S. Navy issued a requisition for development of a system to feed power to 400 Hz AC and 270 VCD aircraft with a minimum impact on the existing equipment and space. FCX used its experience with the 400 Hz AC […]


Solid-State Frequency Converter for a Floating Dry Dock. In 2008, a large floating dry dock – containing motor loads for cranes, capstans, ballast pumps and fire pumps – was transported to the Grand Bahama Shipyard. The dry dock required 50 Hz power, while the Bahamas utilizes 60 Hz power. To supply the 50 Hz power […]


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