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FCX Employee of the Month – November 2016

Michael Knoble

Michael KnobleOnce a month we have been presenting an employee of the month award. Ideally there would be one shining star and the selection would be easy. However we are a team made up of many members. All of you are important, perhaps I should say critical to the survival of this company. Look around at the various groups.
Can we say one group is more important?

If not for sales we would have no orders
If not for Engineering we would have no products
If not for Purchasing we would have no parts
If not for Production we would have no units
If not for Testing the units wouldn’t work properly
If not for QC there may be no repeat customers
If not for Service orders would plummet
If not for Human Resources we would be missing employees
If not for Accounting there would be no cash in or paychecks out

The list goes on and on .

There is a saying “It takes a village to raise a child” for a company it seems more like a small city to keep things running.

Perhaps what we have been doing is not so much recognizing someone who was a star this month but rather someone we feel needs recognized for the work they have been doing all along.

This month we want to recognize a person who is behind the spotlight. A person whom everyone depends on, whether getting the order, getting a paycheck or getting a phone call.

This person is Michael Knoble.
Mike designed the computer system that is as important to FCX as electricity. Every group in FCX is dependent on computers, software, printers and our phone system. Yes our phone system is an integral part of the computer system Mike has designed. The ability for many of us to work from home just as if we were at our desk is part of the Remote Desktop system. Emails flow through our own email server, while an elaborate firewall and spam filter keep us safe. These systems require frequent patching and updating to keep the whole system fully operational and secure. Speaking of secure, Mike maintains a backup of the millions of files on the system; Drawings, BOMs, Purchase Orders, Sales orders, Job orders, Quotations Letters, emails, and so on.

Thank you Michael for keeping us running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



FCX INC. : U.S. Coast Guard 400 HZ Power Supply - Custom Enclosure

FCX INC. : U.S. Navy, NAS Oceana, VA 400 HZ Central System Converters

FCX INC. : U. S. Navy / 270 Volt DC Aircraft Power

FCX INC. : U. S. Navy , NAS, Patuxent River 400HZ Central System Converters

FCX INC. : Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Motor Generator Sets

FCX INC. : Edwards Airforce Base / F-22 Raptor 270 VDC Power Supply

FCX INC. : Grand Bahamas Shipyard 50 HZ, 2,000 KVA Solid-State Frequency Converter

FCX Systems Makes An International Footprint


Replacing Diesel Generators for the Patriot Missile System. Patriot Missiles, the defensive anti-missile system designed by Raytheon, are installed around the world to protect cities subject to missile attack. While utility power around the word is either 50 Hz or 60 Hz, the Patriot system incorporates several elements that require reliable 400 Hz power. Therefore, […]


Engineering Complex Power Supply for F-22 Test Program In the early 2000s, the engineering staff from Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) distributed an inquiry regarding a power supply for a 270 VDC military aircraft. FCX did not initially respond to the inquiry, however no viable solutions were presented by the 11 companies that did respond. […]


Powering F-35s Aboard Aircraft Carriers Anticipating the deployment of F-35 airplanes aboard aircraft carriers, the U.S. Navy issued a requisition for development of a system to feed power to 400 Hz AC and 270 VCD aircraft with a minimum impact on the existing equipment and space. FCX used its experience with the 400 Hz AC […]


Solid-State Frequency Converter for a Floating Dry Dock. In 2008, a large floating dry dock – containing motor loads for cranes, capstans, ballast pumps and fire pumps – was transported to the Grand Bahama Shipyard. The dry dock required 50 Hz power, while the Bahamas utilizes 60 Hz power. To supply the 50 Hz power […]


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