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What Is A Power Inverter?

In discussions on solid-state frequency converters, mention was made of an inverter used to create the 400 Hz output frequency. Here, we will describe in layman’s terms how an inverter works.

First, we begin with a direct current (DC) source of power. This can be a battery or the output of an AC to DC rectifier. It can also be the output from solar panels or any device that outputs DC.

For this discussion, let us use a 12-Volt car battery.


The battery produces 12 volts between its terminals. In standard automotive convention, the negative (-) terminal is connected to the chassis and the positive (+) terminal goes through a switch to the lights, radio, etc. There is no alternating current (AC). To make AC, we use an inverter.

For our example, we will make a simple inverter out of four switches. In the first scene, the switches are configured with two “on” and two “off.” Each pair is along a diagonal line.


The figure above shows the top left and bottom right switch closed. The positive terminal is connected to the left side of the load.


This figure shows the top right and bottom left switches closed. Positive is on the right side of the load and current is reversed.


If the switches reversed back and forth 60 times a second, a 60 Hz AC square wave would be produced.



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Replacing Diesel Generators for the Patriot Missile System. Patriot Missiles, the defensive anti-missile system designed by Raytheon, are installed around the world to protect cities subject to missile attack. While utility power around the word is either 50 Hz or 60 Hz, the Patriot system incorporates several elements that require reliable 400 Hz power. Therefore, […]


Engineering Complex Power Supply for F-22 Test Program In the early 2000s, the engineering staff from Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) distributed an inquiry regarding a power supply for a 270 VDC military aircraft. FCX did not initially respond to the inquiry, however no viable solutions were presented by the 11 companies that did respond. […]


Powering F-35s Aboard Aircraft Carriers Anticipating the deployment of F-35 airplanes aboard aircraft carriers, the U.S. Navy issued a requisition for development of a system to feed power to 400 Hz AC and 270 VCD aircraft with a minimum impact on the existing equipment and space. FCX used its experience with the 400 Hz AC […]


Solid-State Frequency Converter for a Floating Dry Dock. In 2008, a large floating dry dock – containing motor loads for cranes, capstans, ballast pumps and fire pumps – was transported to the Grand Bahama Shipyard. The dry dock required 50 Hz power, while the Bahamas utilizes 60 Hz power. To supply the 50 Hz power […]


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