FCX Systems Builds Large-scale 3MVA Frequency Converter

In early 2018, a major U.S. defense contractor with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics, commissioned a 3MVA power converter from its established manufacturing partner, FCX Systems.

The contractor required the solid state frequency converter to accommodate 480 volt, 60Hz of incoming power and output 400 volt, 50 Hz power.

It is the largest, solid state frequency converter every built by FCX and required “all hands on deck.”

Testing the converter required three megawatts of generators and load banks.

FCX expertly managed the entire project, from sales to engineering, purchasing to production, testing and shipping.

The 3MVA was successfully installed and is in operation at the contractor’s New Hampshire testing facility, confirming the industrial corporation’s confidence in FCX Systems: the West Virginia-based frequency converter manufacturer with proven performance in problem solving, reliability and customer service.


When a long-time client approached FCX about needing a frequency converter of this size, FCX Systems had all hands-on deck. The 3MVA was the largest, single frequency converter ever built by FCX.

Full transcript: “The equipment is a solid state frequency converter, it’ll take the incoming utility power of 60 hertz and convert it to a 50 hertz output power. Rating is 3 MVA, brings in 480 volt, 60 hertz power and outputs a 400 volt, 50 hertz power–largest we’ve ever built here. The equipment is actually larger than what we have, the power we have available in the building, so we had to rent generators. We have three megawatts worth of generators sitting outside and we also have to connect large rented load banks up to supply the load to the equipment. Once we got everything connected up, then flipped the input power onto the unit and just slowly start turning on different parts of the equipment, making sure everything works to finally get up to the output of the unit. Then you start adding the load and again, little bits at a time, until you get it up to three megawatts.

This is a customer that we’ve had many jobs with over the years and when they needed something of this magnitude, it was obvious that they wanted to come to us to get the job done. The entire company had hands on getting this built and tested, and we’ll eventually get it shipped from sales to engineering, to purchasing, production, testing, shipping, as the biggest thing we’ve ever done. The biggest single frequency converter we’ve ever built. It’s going to take everybody here to get a job like this complete. This was definitely, definitely, an accomplishment for the whole company, so we’re very proud of putting something like this together from West Virginia.”

– Keith Whiteman, Testing Manager



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