FCX Built the first Hangar Power System for the 270VDC Power Platform

The 2ZEU00004 document and its revisions are controlled and not available publically, as it contains critical technical data which is restricted.

The U.S. military has the most advanced technology on the planet; therefore, it is critical to the security of the U.S. to control information related to this technology.

FCX Systems, Inc. has a long history of working with the development of emerging technology. In fact, design problems are often brought to us for our control and power conversion expertise. This puts us in a position where access to controlled documentation is necessary in order for the work to be performed.

Long before the F-35 / JSF / Lightning program, we were invited to solve a problem related to the F-22 Raptor (F/A-22). The generation of air superiority fighter was being designed with a new power platform. However, the existing pool of bidders with their prototypes failed to meet the stringent power requirements of the aircraft design. A First design prototype was scheduled to be delivered, but no hangar power supply was approved.


In 1999, we were approached by the F-22 Raptor Test Program to design a power supply based on previous experience with our problem solving regarding precision power controls, and we were successful.

We were validated on the LMCO Iron Bird simulator at Fort Worth and moved forward as the first hangar power system for the 270VDC power platform (2000).

Following the F/A-22 Raptor program, we were then a part of the JSF fly-off competition between Boeing and LMCO. It was interesting because we were the ground power support for both aircrafts, although they required different power platforms.

In the end, LMCO won the award and our 270VDC power system moved into the JSF development program.

As with all development programs, changes occurred in the design which included power requirements. We were involved with both LMCO technical groups and design teams, and prototype power systems were supplied as the requirements of the various airframes were redesigned.

The requirements of following these changes insisted that we could get access to documents, such as 2ZEU00004 and its revisions.

Today, our knowledge of the power requirements of the 270VDC aircraft allows us to be in a unique position to supply the finest external ground power system available. We know that Maximum Lethality of the aircraft requires the finest, most precise ground support.

Do you know who is supplying your ground power?

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