400 Hz and 28 VDC Ground Power Units: When to Repair and When to Replace

Decades of Experience and 24/7 Support

Two years before the World Wide Web was created, FCX began designing and manufacturing 400 Hz Ground Power Equipment (GSE).

Since that time we have always maintained responsibility for repair, maintenance, and application support. For several years, we have maintained a service phone personally carried by a service technician 24/7 / 365. If you call (304) 983-0403, you will be answered by a trained technician–not an operator, not an answering service, not a message taker.

As time passes and technology advances, it allows us to make designs better and more precise. However, here is something of a contradiction: “The Aircraft Power quality required for an aircraft is the same as when that aircraft was built.” Most aircraft power is defined in the MIL-STD-704 and one of the revisions numbering A-F.

I’m not aware of any older aircraft that is not compatible with newer revision power, but there may be newer aircraft that has a bit of heartburn with older power systems.

Worn Aircraft Cables Can Be a Serious Safety Hazard

Don’t forget to keep an eye on aircraft cables, too. Aside from complete failures, wear and tear can cause internal problems which interfere with not only power quality the aircraft rejects, but also the safety interlock which may cause an unplugged cable to stay “hot” when lying on the ground (or possibly in water).

The choice of solutions for 400 Hz or DC GSE problems are usually repaired or replaced. Normally this is a cost consideration. However, there are other factors that the GSE equipment manufacturer can advise you on. For instance, if the equipment contains obsolete parts the cost of retrofitting a repair may make replacement a preferable option. This may be especially true if newer aircraft and warranty coverage is considered.

On-Site Ground Power Repair

If the equipment can be easily diagnosed and repaired, we can work with you to supply parts overnight and talk you through the repair. Replacement printed circuit boards (PCB) are checked against the original unit parts list and are re-tested prior to shipment to ensure ease of repair.

Of course, trained service staff is also available to perform repairs on site and they are fully capable of providing onsite training. Maybe your original operators are no longer the ones operating the ground power equipment. In this case, trained operators save costs.

When a Replacement is Necessary

If the need is new 400 Hz equipment, be assured that solid state is much more efficient and maintenance free than rotary. Our extensive experience will also ensure that the proper questions are asked and that the equipment will fit the requirement of the application. Various surge capacities may be required for specific series and models of aircraft.

Ground Support being at the top for repair keeps the aircraft flying. That gets the job done and pays the bills.

Here at FCX, we are a full-service Original Equipment Manufacturer. Designing from the ground up in Morgantown, WV, we specialize in aviation power; 400Hz, 28 VDC, 270 VDC, Solid State, Diesel GPU, Distribution, Commercial and Military.



FCX INC. : U.S. Coast Guard 400 HZ Power Supply - Custom Enclosure

FCX INC. : U.S. Navy, NAS Oceana, VA 400 HZ Central System Converters

FCX INC. : U. S. Navy / 270 Volt DC Aircraft Power

FCX INC. : U. S. Navy , NAS, Patuxent River 400HZ Central System Converters

FCX INC. : Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Motor Generator Sets

FCX INC. : Edwards Airforce Base / F-22 Raptor 270 VDC Power Supply

FCX INC. : Grand Bahamas Shipyard 50 HZ, 2,000 KVA Solid-State Frequency Converter

FCX Systems Makes An International Footprint


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Engineering Complex Power Supply for F-22 Test Program In the early 2000s, the engineering staff from Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) distributed an inquiry regarding a power supply for a 270 VDC military aircraft. FCX did not initially respond to the inquiry, however no viable solutions were presented by the 11 companies that did respond. […]


Powering F-35s Aboard Aircraft Carriers Anticipating the deployment of F-35 airplanes aboard aircraft carriers, the U.S. Navy issued a requisition for development of a system to feed power to 400 Hz AC and 270 VCD aircraft with a minimum impact on the existing equipment and space. FCX used its experience with the 400 Hz AC […]


Solid-State Frequency Converter for a Floating Dry Dock. In 2008, a large floating dry dock – containing motor loads for cranes, capstans, ballast pumps and fire pumps – was transported to the Grand Bahama Shipyard. The dry dock required 50 Hz power, while the Bahamas utilizes 60 Hz power. To supply the 50 Hz power […]


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